21. Some people think that human needs _______ farmland, housing, and industry are more important, so they exploit the land blindly.

A. for         B. of     C. with     D. to

22. In art criticism, you must assume the artist has a secret message ______ within the work.

A. to hide     B. hidden    C. hiding     D. being hidden

23. Therefore, the key to ______is to know your business thoroughly, act in a professional manner at all time, but at the same time present in a _______ confidence.

A. succeed, relaxing     B. succeed, relaxed    C. success, relaxing   D. success, relaxed

24. Much time _______ sitting at a desk, office workers are generally troubled by health problems.

A. has been spent     B. being spent     C. having spent   D. spent

25. I will go to Beijing on business tomorrow. Do you have anything _______ to your son studying in Beijing University?

A. to be taken     B. to take    C. taken    D. being taken

26. Like ancient sailors, birds can find their way _______ the sun and the stars.

A. to use      B. having used     C. using     D. used

27. Blarney Castle is very interesting historical site and definitely worthy of _______.

A. visiting     B. to be visited     C. visited    D. being visited

28. Having completed our adventurous journey through the forest, we went back to our camping site, ________.

A. exhaustedly but excitedly      B. exhaustedly but excited

C. exhausted but excitedly       D. exhausted but excited

29. In late 1996, Apple, _________ with huge financial losses and on the edge of collapse, _______ Jobs to come back.

 A. facing; asking     B. faced. asked     C. was faced, asking    D. was facing, asked

30. The earthquake in Japan, measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale, was so violent _______a series of explosions of the nuclear reactors in several power stations.

A. to cause     B. that caused      C. as to cause   D. causing

31. He ________ too far, for his coffee is still warm.

A. must have gone    B. might have gone    C. can’t have gone     D. needn’t have gone

32. You _______ feel all the training a waste of time, but I’m a hundred percent sure later you’ll be grateful you did it.

A. should     B. need    C. shall     D. might

33. China made a promise to the world in the Copenhagen Summit that by 2020, the carbon-intensity of its economy _______ fall 40% to 45%.

A. shall     B. may     C. must     D. should

34. When we worked in the same office, we _______ often have coffee together during coffee breaks or lunch hours.

A. should     B. would     C. could     D. ought to

35. He must have sensed that I _______him. He suddenly glanced at me and said quietly, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

A. would look at     B. looked at    C. was looking at    D. am looking at

36.  _______ the students came from different countries, they got along quite well in the summer camp.

A. While     B. Unless     C. Since     D. Until

37. A Saudi man is thanking his lucky stars after he ________ escaped a piece of failing glass from a building.

A. hardly     B. narrowly     C. rarely     D. certainly

38. We all have a biological clock inside us which determines the moment when our organs stop __________ properly.

A. operating     B. performing     C. functioning     D. advancing

39. Our club is a place for problem drinkers to make __________ with people suffering from the same problem and help each other.

A. contact      B. conscience     C. content    D. contrast 

Section B

Directions: Fill in the blanks with proper form of the verbs


( A )

   I grew up in Jordan, a water-poor country that (40)_______(experience) absolute water scarcity since 1973. And still, in 2017, only 10 countries in the world have less water than Jordan. So (41)_______(deal) with a lack of water is quite ingrained(铭刻) in my soul. As soon as I was old enough to learn how to write my name, I also learned that I need (42)_______(conserve) water. My parents would constantly keep my brothers and me(43 _______(inform) of varieties of ways to save water.


( B )


   Schools tend to assume that highly gifted children can manage by themselves and that they do not need any extra support. As a result, they sometimes seem(44) ________ (forget). Psychologist Bar Vogelaar conducted a research and discovered that a high gift does not mean (45)_________(perform) to the children’s maximum capacity. He finds out that this group too benefit from training and explanation and that strangely enough, the benefits are the same for both groups. In his research , 522 children (46)________ (age) between five and ten years ----173 highly gifted and 349 averagely gifted ---took apart in what (47)__________(call) learning potential test.

Section C : Blank filling

Directions: Fill in the blanks with proper form of the words.

48. It is difficult to go through da day without using a _______(communicate) satellite at least once.

49. After nearly seven months of investigation , the team concluded that the accident was caused by the _________(proper) storage of construction waste, and lack of an efficient drainage system.

50. It is easy to get the impression that birbery and other ________(question) payments are on the increase.

51. With the _________(simple) Chinese characters around, I don’t see the reason why people in Taiwan still stick to traditional character system.

52. No more sleep on office time might serve as a good start to improve your work ________(efficient).

53. Six world powers have put forward a detailed ________(propose) aimed at stopping North Korea’s nuclear program.

54. It is becoming _________(increase) clear that there is a direct link between eating habits and health.

55. The Economic Consequences of the Peace, which I  published in December 1919, has been reprinted from time to time without ________(revise) or correction.

Section D

Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need.


A. imagine    B. cultural   C. investments    D. currently   E. represented  F. appreciate  

G. local      H. neighborhoods   I. creative   J. originally   K. endangered


    Growing by more than 100,000 every year, the population of Canada’s city largest city keeps getting larger. But this boom hasn’t changed Toronto’s character. Long known for this multiculturalism and diversity, the city has also made huge _____56____ in public transport and technology, making the city even more attractive to newcomers.

    However, it can take time to fully ____57____ all that Toronto has to offer. “The city doesn’t give up its secrets easily,” said Alyssa James, who is a native of Toronto.

    Among those secrets are the beaches, right in the city’s backyard. “People don’t __58_____Toronto has waterfronts or beaches because we aren’t near an ocean, but we do have great lakes,” said Bruce Poon Tip, who has live in the city for 27 years. The beaches, just 10 kilometers east of downtown, also host a world famous jazz festival every July.

   “Toronto gives me big city benefits with small-town living,” Poon Tip said. “It’s clean; it’s safe; it’s a hub of innovation and idealism and it’s beautiful. But it’s also extremely diverse in culture, people and ideas.”

    A big part of Toronto’s character comes from its many _____59_____ neighborhoods, which include Little India, Little Italy, Portugal Village, Greek-town and Chinatown. More than 30% of Toronto’s residents speak a language other English or French. According to official statistics, more than 140 foreign languages and dialects are ____60____ spoken here and many ___61____ languages can be heard here.

    “ The city is of huge diversity, especially when it comes to food. You can find every imaginable culture ____62_____ in some way,” said Matt Chong, ____63____ from Vancouver. “ On the same day, I can get a world-class Vietnamese banh min or a delicious platter of Ethiopian injera.

     Kensington Market, just north of Chinatown is a favorite among locals as one of the city’s most multicultural places, with lots of local businesses and a strong independent art scenes. Queen West also offers a lot for ___64______types. “with tons of shops, galleries , cafes , restaurants and bars,” said Chong. It was named one of the coolest _____65___ in the world by Vogue for its art hotels, independent fashion labels and contemporary art museums.


III. Reading Comprehension

Section A

Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrases that best fits the context.


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  • 213| 120| 279| 604| 585| 17| 536| 876| 906| 301|